Tech to School is now a Promethean Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Can teachers, students or community members purchase from Tech to School?

Yes, teachers, students, parents or community members are welcome to purchase devices for personal use. The devices will need to be paid for with a credit card and ship to the address that matches the billing address of the credit card.

Can we pay using a school purchase order?

Yes, just select PO as the payment option on checkout.  Items will ship once we receive a signed copy of the school or district-issued PO. All PO's are verified independently with the school before shipment. Orders placed with a PO can only ship to the school's address, no shipping changes or pick ups from shipping depots are allowed. New customers will need to fill out an Accounts Payable form before the items can ship.

Do you offer items not listed on the website?

Yes, we can usually source specific devices and accessories not listed on the site. You can fill out a quote request form to inquire about items not listed on our site.

Where can I find information on Apple MDM support?

Where can I find information about Google G Suite (Workspace) for Education?

You can find information about G Suite for Education here:

Where can I find information about Chrome OS updates?

You can find information about Google Chrome Auto Update policies here: