Tech to School is now a Promethean Partner

Where K-12 schools sell and trade-in their devices.

Tech to School is your trusted end to end partner when it comes time to trade-in or dispose of your devices. We helps schools quickly unlock funds and maximize the ROI of their technology.

Use the form below to get a trade-in quote or schedule a 1:1 consultation to learn more about the process.

  • Over 20 Years Working with K-12

  • Accurate Quotes / Fast Payments

  • Free Packing & Shipping

  • Transparent Process

  • Community Sales

  • Responsible Recycling

“The process of selling our Apple equipment was simple and straightforward. Having a single vendor to work with for the process saved us time and made us more money. ”

— Chet Bembenek, Technology Manager, Columbus School District

How the Trade-In Process Works

Apple trade-in program for education.

Accurate Quotes

Providing an accurate and easy to understand quote is the first step in the Trade-In process.

Our quotes are designed around the needs of your school or district. We offer fixed bids, graded audits, pay on pickup, etc.

You can choose to receive a check to spend as you wish or a trade-up credit towards newer devices.

Apple buy back.

White Glove Pickup

We take care of the logistics of packing, pickup, and shipping of devices.

All shipments to our facility are insured by us to ensure safe transit.

Upon arrival, data on the devices is destroyed and you’re provided with a detailed audit report.

K-12 computer trade-in.

Transparency Throughout

We've found the greatest way to build trust with our K-12 customers is to be transparent with our process.

Most of our trade-in business comes from our repeat customers. 

Expect fast and accurate payment. Our goal is to make sure you're happy with the result of your trade-in.

A Detailed Audit Process

We know Apple. We've audited, repaired and refurbished 100's of thousands of Apple devices. 

Our custom audit and imaging software was developed in-house with the goal of providing our customers fast and accurate audit data.

All devices are fully tested, cosmetically graded, wiped and imaged. We provide a detailed report on specs and audit findings for each device.

Where to sell school computers.
Data destruction for K-12.

Data Destruction Guaranteed

We take data security and erasure seriously. All devices, regardless of working condition, have their data removed as part of our audit process.

Data erasure and chain of custody reports are available to help ensure compliance standards.

Looking for a specific data destruction method?

We can accommodate many different standards of destruction as a service.

Community Sales 

Tech to School offers a Community Sales program for K-12 schools and districts looking to provide members of their community an opportunity to purchase used devices that are being traded-in.

Here's how it works:

1. When your school or district sells or trades-in their old Apple or Chrome devices to Tech to School we'll set aside a certain number of devices to be sold exclusively to members (parents, teachers, students, etc.) of your community.

2. Once your devices are shipped to Tech to School, we'll wipe, audit, clean and prep the devices for your community sale.

3. We'll provide a special link on our site that you can share with members of your community for them to purchase the devices. We'll handle the payment, shipping, etc.

Community Sales are a great way to give members of your community an opportunity to purchase these devices at a discounted price. We handle all of the logistics, payments and prep making the process straightforward and easy.

E-waste Is Recycled Responsibly 

We believe that reusing is the best method of recycling. Most of our devices are refurbished and then put back into K-12 to further enhance student learning.

When it comes time to dispose of equipment, we want to do so as environmentally friendly as possible. Any e-waste materials are recycled in compliance with R2 standards.

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