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5 Things We Love About LocknCharge Carts

lockncharge chromebook cart

is a brand that specializes in the design and manufacturing of device carts for K-12 schools. Their carts are specifically designed to store, charge, and transport a variety of devices, such as MacBooks, iPads, and Chromebooks.

Here are 5 things we love about LocknCharge carts:

1.  They're easy to use

LocknCharge device carts are easy to use, making them ideal for K-12 schools. They are designed with features such as cable management, secure charging, and easy access to devices. This makes it easy for students and teachers to quickly access the devices they need for learning.


2.  They're well built and offer secure charging

    LocknCharge carts are built using quality steel, wheels and components. The carts are designed to keep devices secure while they're charging and have a locking mechanism that ensures that devices are protected from theft and damage. Additionally, the carts have built-in cooling fans that help prevent devices from overheating while they are charging.

    3.  They move easily

    LocknCharge carts are designed with quality wheels that make them easy to move from one classroom to another. This makes it easy for teachers to bring devices to different classrooms or areas of the school as needed.

    4.  They save space

    LocknCharge carts are designed to save space in the classroom. They are compact and can hold a large number of devices. This means that schools can store a large number of devices in a relatively small space. This can be particularly beneficial for schools with limited storage space.

    5.  They're customizable

    LocknCharge device carts are customizable, which means that schools can choose the features that they need. For example, some carts come with a built-in power source, while others do not. Additionally, schools can choose the type of devices that they want to store in the cart. This makes it easy for schools to find a cart that meets their specific needs.


    There are a large number of device carts available for K-12 schools to choose from. While LocknCharge carts can often be more pricey than generic carts, the build quality, ease of use and support are top notch. 

    Tech to School is an authorized LocknCharge vendor and sells the carts individually or as part of Classroom Sets that include devices and cases.


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