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6 Easy Steps to Sell Your School’s Used iPads and Laptops

How to sell your school's iPads and laptops. 

Do you have iPads, laptops, or computers that your district no longer needs? There is a great way to earn some extra cash, stretch your district’s budget, and recycle responsibly: Sell your devices to a reputable vendor who specializes in working with schools. 

How Do Schools Sell Used iPads and Laptops?

    1. Find a partner that specializes in buying back devices from schools - There are plenty of vendors that specialize in purchasing used equipment. But they may work with consumers or businesses. You want to find a partner that focuses on schools so that they are familiar with district procurement processes to better support your needs.

    2. Send an inventory of the devices you want to sell - This will help you organize your technology and help the vendor better understand the volume and condition of the used devices.

    3. Receive a quote - The vendor will then return a quote to you for the total estimate they will pay for your used devices. Make sure the quote is clear and has a set term.

    4. Sign the quoteMost vendors give you a clear time frame to sign the quote and lock in the price. After that point, you will need a new quote to proceed.

    5. Ship the technology - Many vendors offer to visit your site, pack your devices, and ship them to their facility so you do not have to manage the logistics. This saves time, effort, and expense. Upon arrival at the vendor’s facility, the devices will be tested to make sure they are in the working condition that was agreed upon in the quote. 

    6. Receive and cash the check - Once the devices are approved, the vendor will mail you a check. It is that easy!

Why Partner with Tech To School to Sell Your Used iPads and Laptops

While the process for selling your school technology is standard, your choice of a vendor to partner with is not. 

Tech to School offers:

  • Transparency and communication - Tech to School has a clearly articulated grading system detailing the condition requirements of used devices. You will have a precise understanding of what you will earn before you sell the devices, and Tech to School will honor its financial commitment, even if you lock in the pricing months in advance. 

  • White glove service - The Tech to School team comes to your school and packs and ships the equipment to their facility, and they insure all devices for safe transit. 

  • Deep roots in education - Tech to School works exclusively with schools. Tech to School understands that you need to maximize your budget, so they do everything they can to ensure that you earn a good price on your technology. 

  • Data privacy and security - Tech to School removes all data from all devices as part of its audit process and provides a detailed audit report of the results, ensuring that schools meet their privacy obligations to students and families. 

For more information on selling your devices to Tech to School, visit here.