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7 Reasons Why Your School Should Buy Certified Refurbished iPads and MacBooks


Purchasing a refurbished tech device may seem risky if you have never purchased one before. However, paying full price for a new iPad or MacBook, let alone equipping an entire classroom, puts an unnecessary strain on your school budget. The smart choice for schools is to invest in certified refurbished devices.


Why Schools Should Buy Certified Refurbished iPads and MacBooks for Students


     1. New devices lose their value immediately. Up to 25% of what you pay for a new device depreciates

        right out of the box. Refurbished devices stretch your budget without sacrificing functionality.


     2. Accidents happen. We all know that students have slippery hands and distracted minds. It does not

        make sense to pay a premium for brand-new devices when you know mishaps are likely to occur.


     3. Certified refurbished devices are fully functional and meet your needs. If your students are using devices to  

        access the Internet, search, and collaborate on Google apps, they do not need sophisticated computers.

        Why spend more than you need when you could redirect your budget to other classroom initiatives?


     4. Accomplish your educational goals. There are so many ways that certified refurbished devices support

        and enhance your educational goals. Whether you are equipping a new school with devices, transitioning

        to a 1:1 initiative, or looking to fill another classroom cart with iPads, certified refurbished devices are an 

        economical way to implement your vision.


     5. Stretch your budget. Certified refurbished devices will save you a lot of money, plain and simple.

        We have created this calculator so you can see for yourself how much you will save compared to buying new. 

        If you purchased 10 refurbished iPads (32 GB), you would save 25% compared to buying new ones.


     6. Certified refurbished guarantees quality. The term “certified refurbished” means the product has gone 

        through a rigorous testing, auditing, and refresh process to certify quality. With this stamp of approval,

        you can feel confident that the devices will be in good working order.


     7. It’s good for the environment. Let’s face it, we tell our students to “reduce, reuse, and recycle.”

        We should follow our own advice and reduce waste by reusing devices, keeping them in the K-12 ecosystem.


Why Partner with Tech To School to Buy Certified Refurbished Devices 


     • All devices are certified refurbished. Tech to School sells only certified refurbished devices,

        all of which are guaranteed to be in excellent condition.


     • Most generous warranty on the market. Tech to Schools offers a warranty with coverage of up to four years,  

        the most generous on the market, and it also covers accidental damage in addition to normal wear and tear.


     • Best service focused solely on K-12 schools. Tech to Schools has been dedicated to education for 15+ years.  

        We understand the school procurement process, buying cycles, and student usage, and we take pride in   

        catering to schools and providing the services that educators need.


Tech to School may already be an approved vendor in your state. Check the list of state contracts.


For all certified refurbished devices available for purchase, visit here.