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Chrome OS Flex Mac Compatibility

Here's a list of older Apple devices that are compatible with Google Chrome OS Flex. There may be some hardware compatibility issues with certain models (i.e. no webcam support.) 

From Google:

Model Name Current Status End of Support
Apple iMac 11,2 (Mid-2010 21.5" MC508LL/A MC509LL/A) "" Certified 2024
Apple iMac 12,1 (21.5" MC309LL/A) "" Minor issues expected 2024
Apple Mac Mini 7,1 (MGEN2LL/A MGEM2LL/A) "" Certified 2026
Apple Macbook 7,1 (MC207LL/A MC516LL/A) "" Minor issues expected 2023
Apple Macbook Air 5,1 (Mid-2012 11"MD223LL/A) "" Certified 2025
Apple MacBook Air 6,1 (2014 11" MD711LL/A MD711LL/B) "" Certified 2026
Apple Macbook Air 7,2 (13" MJVE2LL/A, MQD32LL/A, MQD42LL/A, MJVG2LL/A) "" Certified 2027
Apple Macbook Pro 9,2 (13" MD101LL/A, MD102LL/A) "" Certified 2025
Apple Macbook Pro 11,2 (15" ME293LL/A, MGXA2LL/A) "" Certified 2025

Note:  The webcam is non functional on the Macbook air 6,1, 7,2

We've installed this on a few older MacBooks with mixed results. Slow speed and hardware compatibility issues keep us from recommending this as a solution for large deployments at this time.

Our recommendation for K-12 schools would be to trade-in older Apple devices and use that money to purchase new Chrome devices if you're looking to add more Chrome seats to your fleet.