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Considering the Purchase of a Certified Refurbished Device for Your School District? Why the Tech to School Warranty+ Is Worth It!

To understand why warranties are worth the investment, let’s look at an example that could easily have happened in your school.

Imagine your school has a class of second graders studying the Iditarod. The kids are eager to check how their favorite Alaskan huskies are doing each morning. Upon arrival at school, they rush to take iPads off of the cart. In the excitement, one student collides with another. Both iPads fall to the ground, breaking the screens. The kids are in tears. The iPads are unusable. 

A disaster? Maybe not… It turns out your school invested in a cart of certified refurbished iPads from Tech to School three years ago to support the Iditarod unit, among other interesting educational initiatives. Now what? As a technology director, you do not typically have the budget mid-year to buy two new iPads. Nor do you have the time to wait for Apple to fix the iPads because by that time, the Iditarod unit will be long over. What do you do? Well, fortunately for you, your school invested in Tech to School’s Warranty+.

The Tech to School Basic Warranty for Laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks

Tech to School offers two types of warranties. The Basic Warranty protects against mechanical issues with any device purchased from Tech to School, including iPads, Laptops, Chromebooks—even batteries and OEM accessoriesthat are shipped within the first year. Tech to School is firm in its commitment to quality and does NOT ship out any device or accessory that does not pass a rigorous audit and testing process. The one-year warranty is included with all purchases for no additional cost. However, while Tech to School stands by its quality and the one-year warranty is helpful, it does not cover accidental damage, which is a common occurrence with student devices.

The Tech to School Warranty+ Difference for Laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks

To really protect your technology investment, you need a longer warranty that will protect your devices from accidental damage. Kids will be kids. Even the most well-intentioned students have slippery hands and wandering minds, similar to those in the Iditarod classroom.

The Tech to School Warranty+ is the longest and most generous warranty on the market. It covers accidental damage for up to four years. It also includes free shipping for repairs of damaged devices. Devices are fixed or replaced fast, so your second graders do not miss tracking their huskies.

If you want to lower your financial risk, minimize loss of instructional time, and prevent headaches for teachers, students, and yourself, invest in Warranty+.

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