New UZBL Cases for iPads

Device Trade-In Community Sales

Tech to School now offers a Community Sales program for K-12 schools and districts looking to provide members of their community an opportunity to purchase used devices that are being traded-in.

Here's how it works:

1. When your school or district sells or trades-in their old Apple or Chrome devices to Tech to School we'll set aside a certain number of devices to be sold exclusively to members (parents, teachers, students, etc.) of your community.

2. Once your devices are shipped to Tech to School, we'll wipe, audit, clean and prep the devices for your community sale.

3. We'll provide a special link on our site that you can share with members of your community for them to purchase the devices. We'll handle the payment, shipping, etc.

Community Sales are a great way to give members of your community an opportunity to purchase these devices at a discounted price. We handle all of the logistics, payments and prep making the process straightforward and easy.