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Do iPads have AUE dates?

iPad AUE Dates
Yes, iPads have AUE (Auto Update Expiration) dates, which determine how long the device will receive software updates from Apple. Apple ensures that all of its devices, including iPads, continue to receive software updates and security patches for a certain period of time after their release. Apple does not use the term "AUE" for describing the latest software update date or the maximum version of iPadOS that will run on the device. 

The "AUE date" for an iPad varies depending on the specific model and the date it was released. Apple does not publicly set an AUE date at the time of a product's release. Typically, Apple provides software updates for their devices for a period of about 7-10 years from the date of the device's initial release. After the maximum version of an OS is reached, the iPad will no longer receive software updates or security patches from Apple, which may leave it vulnerable to security risks.

iPads offered for sale by Tech to School will list the Maximum OS that the device can run. If the Maximum OS is "Current" then those devices will continue to receive security updates as they become available for the current version of iPadOS. When Apple announces new versions of iPadOS, we will list the iPads that will support the new iPadOS, if an iPad is compatible, it will continue to receive security updates for the life of that OS release from Apple.

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