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How Charter Schools Use New Generation Chromebooks to Win

Charter School Chromebooks

Charter schools are invaluable in helping to solve the graduation problem for many school districts. These schools saw the change in education on the horizon and implemented strategies for better student achievement. Charter schools’ flexibility adapts to the learning styles of today’s students, many of whom cannot cope with a traditional school setting. Combining flexibility with education technology, these innovative institutions create numerous opportunities for student success.

Student access to Chromebooks and Tablets 

With the abundance of devices students have access to, learning has moved beyond the classroom, becoming dynamic. Chromebooks and tablets are powerful educational devices that adapt to the student, becoming their environment for learning. Students can retrieve digital work in and outside the school building, giving them opportunities to complete assignments anytime.

Most importantly, students are assigned a personal device. The benefit of this, the student can now participate in class instruction remotely if need be. The pandemic may have brought about achievement gaps, but it also moved society forward in delivering education more effectively. 

Devices for Teachers, Counselors, and Admin

With the ease of portability of Chromebooks, school staff can also work from anywhere, anytime. During staff meetings, teachers email students and parents, put in grades, and update their lesson plans when needed. To help with camaraderie, admin and tech staff will organize electronic games such as Kahoot, in which the team participates using their devices. 

Charter school staff have high level devices because of the demands of instruction. Some devices can go from a laptop to a tablet in seconds, making a presentation easy to lead. Many teachers use Google Classroom to organize their lessons. When a new assignment posts, students receive a notification on their devices and can start immediately. 

Post-secondary Education Opportunities

Charter schools do a tremendous job helping students plan to receive their high school diplomas and create post-secondary paths. Today’s students have many educational and career ways to choose from. Students can take career assessments on their devices and work with their charter school counselor to submit college applications. Military recruiters administer the ASVAB to students seeking entry into the Armed Forces. 

Families are grateful that schools can provide Chromebooks and tablets to students. Before the pandemic, many students only had access to a computer at school. Because each student receives a device, they can now finish their college applications at their convenience. They can upload essays and other documentation needed to complete the process. 


Adapting to the digital age is a step forward for students. Charter schools recognized that education needed to evolve and began a movement of developing better ways to educate our future leaders. 

Charter schools' use of affordable devices has given an advantage to students who struggle in traditional schools. The open and adaptive environments of Charter schools mean the educational devices will deliver quality education for students in need. 

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