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How One District Made Money by Selling Its School Computers

In the midst of the global pandemic, schools across the country face budget shortfalls and intense pressure to implement 1:1 computing. Dan Gedeon of Parma City Schools faced similar challenges a few years ago and decided to partner with Tech to School. Dan’s story can help schools today maximize their technology budgets while meeting the challenges of remote learning.

Parma City Schools is a PK-12 district of 15 schools and over 10,000 students. They were embarking on a summer purchase of new Macs and iPads and were looking for a way to safely dispose of the district’s 6,000 outdated tech devices and get the most value they could out of them.

Dan was pleased to find that Tech to School was easy to work with and transparent about how it valued the used devices. Tech to School came to Parma City Schools, packed up the devices, and shipped them back to their facility. No hassle for Dan and his team.

 “After reaching out to and hearing back from multiple companies, we found that Tech to School was able to offer Parma City Schools the best buyback price by a considerable margin. Throughout the entire process, Tech to School was in constant contact, ensuring everything was running smoothly and fitting our timeline,” says Dan Gedeon, End User Support Supervisor, Parma City Schools.

Selling Your School Computers to Tech to School

Often, there is uncertainty about what used devices are worth in the marketplace. That is why Tech to School believes in being transparent in how it evaluates the value of used devices. Tech to School has a clear grading system, meaning there are no surprises about what your school will earn. 

Once you decide to sell, we provide white glove service to reduce your time, hassle, and headache. We handle all of the logistics of shipping your devices back to our facility and insure all devices for safe transit. 

Tech to School works exclusively with schools. We understand  school decision making, seasonality, and student demands on technology. After Tech to School purchases your devices, we will audit, wipe clean, refurbish, and certify the devices for school use, ensuring that your technology remains in the education ecosystem to support teachers and enhance student learning.

Learn more about the benefits of selling Tech to School your used devices.