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How to Handle Device Wear and Tear from Remote Learning

How to protect devices for remote learning


Ensuring that all students have computers and internet access is essential for remote learning during the pandemic. Looking forward, it is important to plan for the intensive wear and tear on these devices and how your school will respond.

Computer Wear and Tear from Remote Learning

What will remote learning wear and tear look like for your computers? Will there be fewer accidents because students are not carrying the devices back and forth from school or between classrooms? Or will there be more out-of-life batteries, damaged accessories, and broken screens due to all-day usage? As we are still in the middle of figuring out remote learning, nobody knows how the devices will endure. But schools need a plan to fix damaged computers and to build an inventory of replacements to prevent down time. Demand for devices will remain stronger than ever as remote learning will continue after schools physically reopen, and 1:1 classroom devices will become even more of a priority to prevent multiple touches of shared computers.

Ways to Manage Computer Wear and Tear

Schools have a few approaches to fixing broken computers:

  • Someone at school fixes the devices – This requires in-house expertise and staff with the time to tend to the broken devices.
  • Find a local computer fix-it shop – Some communities have local computer service stores, others do not. It is unclear how long it would take a local vendor to fix your devices, as it may depend on the availability of parts.
  • Send the computers back to the manufacturer – This only works if the device is within its warranty and the damage is covered. Accidental damage is not typically covered under most warranties. Furthermore, shipping costs can be as high as the remaining value of the device, negating the benefit of fixing the device.

Many of these options require phone calls, wait times, shipping costs, and vetting of vendors. This adds up to headaches and hassle, distracting you from supporting instruction and learning.

Tech to School’s Warranty+ Protects Against Wear and Tear

The most reliable way to safeguard your school’s devices from remote learning wear and tear is Tech to School’s Warranty+. Warranty+ protects your computers from normal wear and tear and accidental damage for up to four years. This is the longest and most generous warranty on the market. It also includes free shipping for repairs of damaged devices. Tech to School makes sure your computers are fixed quickly or replaced right away, minimizing student downtime and maximizing your financial investment.

Tech to School created Warranty+ to better serve K-12 schools. With 15 years of experience partnering with school districts nationwide, Tech to School understands student technology needs. Our priority is getting devices in the hands of students in the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way. 

To learn more about Warranty + or add it to your summer purchasing plan, get a quote today!