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Computer Considerations to Support Remote Learning

iPad Remote Learning


Digital curriculum is a great way to enable remote learning for K-12 students and educators. To support the use of digital curriculum, you need to find the right devices that meet teaching goals, student needs and budget requirements for in-home or remote use. Since this can be challenging, we would like to offer our K-12 expertise to provide considerations in selecting devices for online learning, so essential at this time.


Which Student Devices are Best for Remote Learning


There is no one right device for remote learning. It really depends on the age of the students and what they are trying to accomplish. There are different benefits for every device.

Early learners: the iOS platform has a lot of interactive reading and math apps available that require minimum input from parents who may otherwise be occupied. 

Middle and high school students: For older students and educators, MacBooks offer all of the access of Chrome devices with enhanced capabilities for creating content. These devices are also more capable when it comes to live video instruction and collaborative learning.

Students of all ages: For web based learning and assignments, Chrome devices offer the lowest cost to deliver a standardized portal for students on all ages to be able to access remote learning.

Teachers: MacBook Pros provide the storage and power to host content along with the speed to work as effectively as possible. iPad Pros offer more content creation options for iOS remote learning apps. iMacs are a go to solution for those looking to get more screen real estate (useful for hosting large video chats) and provide the greatest performance value.


Additional Considerations When Selecting Devices for Remote Learning.


Consistency of Devices for Students/Educators Working Remotely

Providing each student an identical device helps to create an even learning environment for remote learners. Remote troubleshooting, device replacement and scaling up or down for class size is easier when the devices are the same. 

Warranty and Support Coverage for Devices Being Used Remotely

Accidental damage rates go up any time a device leaves a school or classroom. A great way to help mitigate the cost and hassle of replacements is with Warranty+ accidental coverage. This coverage helps relieve anxiety all around and makes everyone more comfortable with devices being deployed remotely.


So Which Computers and iPads are the Most Popular for Remote Learning?


iPads are the most popular choice and are the easiest to deploy, with a large library of learning apps.

The Chrome devices we carry offer solid protection and are good for writing and creating content while being very budget friendly.

If budget allows, a refurbished MacBook is still the go to choice for educators and students looking for the best learning and creating tool.  

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