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Stretch Your School District Technology Budget to Pay for Cybersecurity

K-12 Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a top priority for district IT leaders, according to CoSN’s 2019 IT Leadership Survey Report. There have been an increasing number of student data breaches, with the most widespread cyber attack in November of 2018 affecting 13,000 schools and universities that were using the Pearson AIMSweb program. School districts are now required to focus more of their IT budget on data security, preventing cyber attacks, and anti-malware software. However, technology budgets are not expanding to keep up with these additional demands. Budgets are the number one challenge for technology leaders, according to CoSN’s 2019 survey, so, district technology leaders are looking for creative ways to maximize their spending.

A Smart Way to Stretch District Technology Budgets

One smart way to save money is by purchasing refurbished devices—previously used computers, laptops, and iPads that have undergone a rigorous testing, auditing, and refresh process to certify that they are of the highest quality. These devices support online testing requirements, digital classroom curriculum, and 1:1 initiatives for a fraction of the cost of buying new. With Tech to School certified refurbished devices, districts get the best quality devices that are guaranteed to be in good working order. Students receive the devices that they need to support learning while freeing administrators to guard against cyber attacks.

District Technology Leaders Are Saving with Certified Refurbished Devices

Technology leaders are increasingly turning to certified refurbished devices as a smart way to do more with less. Jay McVail, CTO at Fullerton School District, saved $50,000 with a purchase of certified refurbished Apple devices compared to buying new devices directly from Apple. Fullerton is a K-8 public school district in California with almost 14,000 students. Mr. McVail needed to support the district’s 1:1 initiative while leaving money left over to address other district demands.  

Mr. McVail found Tech to School and its certified refurbished devices to be the right solution for Fullerton, providing not only high quality devices, but excellent customer service as well.

“Tech to School customer service has been fantastic—always very professional, very friendly and responsive,” said McPhail. “They have a great team and are certainly filling a niche in our area.”   – Jay McVail

Tech to School has been a trusted partner to K-12 schools and districts for almost 20 years. The company offers high quality devices at the best price so districts have money left over for other critical needs. They also offer a generous warranty so technology leaders have peace of mind. The Tech to School friendly team is ready to help district leaders get the value and functionality they need so they can focus on more pressing technology challenges. 


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