Tech to School is now a Promethean Partner

Tech to School is now a Promethean Partner


Tech to School Brings Promethean's Award-Winning Interactive Displays to K-12 Classrooms!


We're excited to announce a game-changer for K-12 education! Tech to School is now an authorized reseller of Promethean's industry-leading ActivPanel® interactive displays. This means schools can get these powerful teaching tools directly from us, along with our exceptional service and expertise.


Why Promethean ActivPanels?

Promethean ActivPanels are more than just fancy screens. They're designed to transform classrooms into dynamic learning hubs. Here's what makes them so special:

    • Engagement Boost: Say goodbye to passive lectures! Multi-touch technology and pen writing let students actively participate, keeping them focused and excited to learn.
    • Collaboration Made Easy: ActivPanels foster teamwork and communication skills. Students can work together in real-time, sharing ideas and creating projects directly on the display.
    • Content Versatility: No more projector limitations. Display anything you can imagine - websites, videos,documents, and more - for a truly engaging and interactive learning experience.
    • Powerful Software Suite: Promethean doesn't leave educators hanging. The included software suite provides a treasure trove of tools to create interactive lessons, assessments, and activities that cater to diverse learning styles.

Tech to School: Your Partner in Interactive Learning

At Tech to School, we're passionate about helping educators unlock the potential of technology in the classroom.Partnering with Promethean allows us to offer a complete solution for K-12 schools looking to take their teaching to the next level.


Here's what sets us apart:

    • We understand education: Our team has extensive experience working with schools, so we can provide expert advice on choosing the right ActivPanel for your needs.
    • Seamless integration: We'll help you seamlessly integrate your ActivPanels into your existing classroom setup,ensuring a smooth transition.
    • Ongoing support: We don't just sell products; we build partnerships. Our team is here to provide ongoing support and training to help you get the most out of your Promethean investment.


Ready to transform your classroom?

Contact Tech to School today to learn more about Promethean ActivPanels and how they can revolutionize the way you teach. Let's work together to create engaging and effective learning experiences that prepare students for success!


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