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Top 5 Chrome AUE Date Questions & Answers

Google ChromeOS AUE Date

1. What is the Google ChromeOS AUE date?

Answer: AUE stands for Auto Update Expiration. This is the date that Google guarantees that a certain Chrome device will be able to receive ChromeOS software updates up until. AUE dates typically end in June of a certain year. For example, a Chromebook with an AUE date of June 2030 will be guaranteed to receive security and other ChromeOS updates until at least June of 2030.


2. How is the Google ChromeOS AUE date determined?

Answer: Google determines the ChomeOS AUE date of Chrome devices. The AUE date is typically determined by the processor of the Chromebook. For example, the same model of Lenovo Chromebooks could have 3 different AUE dates based on different processor options for that model. 


3. What happens after the Google ChromeOS AUE date?

Answer: When a Chromebook's AUE date is expired, Google no longer guarantees that security and other updates will be made available. As new versions of the ChromeOS are released, Chromebooks with expired AUE dates may not be able to take advantage of new features or plug security holes that are discovered. The trade-in value of a Chromebook with an expired AUE date drops significantly, usually close to zero. Chromebooks with expired AUE dates will still continue to work, get online etc. but should be considered for replacement.


4. Can the Google ChromeOS AUE date be extended?

Answer: Yes, the Google ChromeOS AUE of a Chromebook can be, and has been, extended. This determination is made by Google. As Google releases new versions of ChromeOS, they may determine that certain processors or specs can run later versions and they may extend the AUE date. The AUE date provided by Google initially is the guaranteed minimum AUE date.


5. How do I find the Google ChromeOS AUE date for a model of Chromebook?

Answer: You can find the AUE date for many models of Chromebooks here. Tech to School's online store allows schools to shop for Chromebooks by their AUE date.