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Top 5 Subreddits for IT Staff Working in K-12

Subreddits for K-12

Reddit is an amazing resource for tech staff working in K-12. Here are the top 5 subreddits that we use on a regular basis:

1. - All things networking. Filled with Wifi configurations to phone systems, VLANS, routers and security system

2. - All things Chrome. 

3. - Not K-12 specific but has plenty of good tidbits.

4. - Mac specific sysadmin questions, not K-12 specific but extremely helpful. 

5. - With 38,000 members this subreddit sees posts from admins using Chrome, Apple, Windows and any other device platform you can think of. Our personal favorite.


Honorable mention: (not a subreddit, but another great resource) - Awesome Slack channel that’s mostly Apple focused but has quite a few Chromebook & Windows admins posting also.