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What is ClassWallet?


ClassWallet is an online platform designed to simplify finances for K-12 schools. The platform offers schools and districts a comprehensive solution for managing various financial operations, such as purchasing, fundraising, and fee collection. ClassWallet provides an efficient way to manage school finances and streamline payment processing for parents, teachers, and administrators.

Tech to School customers can use ClassWallet to purchase Chromebooks, iPads, Macs, PCs and other technology for their school. Other K-12 funding sources such as EANS funds are often facilitated using the ClassWallet platform. 

K-12 Schools can setup an ClassWallet account or access their ClassWallet login here >

ClassWallet provides schools with a user-friendly interface to manage their finances. The platform offers a variety of features to make school finances more accessible, including a secure online payment system, customizable reporting, and budget management tools. The online payment system is designed to simplify the payment process for parents, allowing them to pay for various school expenses online, such as field trips, lunch programs, and book fees. The platform accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks.

ClassWallet also offers a comprehensive budget management system that enables K-12 schools to manage their finances more efficiently. The platform allows schools to create and manage budgets for various departments, such as athletics, music programs, and technology. The budget management system provides real-time budget tracking, enabling administrators to monitor their spending and adjust their budgets as needed.

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