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Computers for K-12 State Testing

K-12 Student Testing

Buying Computers for State Testing 

This time of year, district and school leaders are busy preparing for state assessments. On test day, it’s all hands on deck, from classroom teachers and school counselors to administrators and technology specialists. Educators must be trained to administer the tests, and of course the technology must be ready to perform without a hitch.

Since the move to online testing, the workload for IT departments has increased dramatically. The IT team is now at the center of the action, making sure the broadband is ready, routers are humming, the WiFi is strong, security protocols are enacted, and student devices are ready.

Student Computers Admissible for State Testing

Each state has defined minimum technology requirements for the administration of its online assessments. These requirements are usually listed on the state’s department of education website and include admissible devices, operating systems and versions, screen sizes and resolutions, and keyboards. A few examples are:

How Tech to School Can Help Your School Prepare for State Testing

To play it safe, districts often have extra computers on hand during testing season in case a student device gets damaged right before or during testing. There’s no need to buy new when certified refurbished devices meet your needs and enable you to buy more devices with your investment.

Tech to School offers a range of certified refurbished devices that satisfy state testing requirements:

Tech to School works tirelessly to make sure you have the right computers for the testing season. Tech to School taps into its well-established network to quickly source the specified devices in the quantities that you need. Tech to School then performs a full quality audit and configures the devices with approved operating systems and browsers, all within your budget. 

Please contact one of our friendly team members to quickly find the computers you need to administer your state assessments.

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