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How to Create a Google Workspace for Education Account


How do I Create a Google Workspace for Education account?


Google Workspace for Education is a suite of tools designed to empower educators and students as they learn and innovate together. It is available at no cost to eligible institutions, which includes K-12 and higher education institutions. 

Google recommends that the education customer, or school, check their eligibility for Google Workspace for Education by visiting the Help Center page titled “Qualifications for Google Workspace for Education.” ↗

Next, you can help ensure the account is set up properly. Let’s explore each step so you can guide the school through the process. 

Sign up for a Google Workspace for Education account

To get started, the school will need to sign up for a Google Workspace for Education account. During the account sign-up process, Google will verify the institution’s eligibility. 

The admin at the educational institution should sign up via the Google Workspace for Education signup form. ↗

The information required includes:

  • The educational institution’s name, type of education offered, website address, student and faculty size, phone number, physical address, and email address. 
  • The institution’s domain. If one does not exist, a domain can be created through the form.
  • Information to create an admin account.

Once approved, the applicant will use the credentials created during this step to sign in as an administrator in the Google Admin console.

Verify the institution’s domain

If a school wishes to create a Google Workspace for Education account with an existing domain, domain verification is required before Google will review their application.

What is a domain? A domain is what comes after www. in a web address. This might be the name of the school followed by .edu. For example,

Domain verification is the most important step in the sign-up process. It’s a security measure that allows Google to verify that the school is the owner of the domain.

Google provides step-by-step instructions to verify domain ownership. Customers can follow the steps outlined in the Help Center article titled, “Verify your domain for Google Workspace for Education.”↗ 

After a Google Workspace for Education account has been created, and the domain verified, Google reviews the school’s eligibility. Customers will be contacted via email regarding the status of the application in 1–2 weeks.

Once approval is received for the Google Workspace for Education account, administrators will have access to the Google Admin console, available at ↗

With the Google Admin console, school IT administrators can add users, turn on services for the student body and/or faculty, grant other users administrator access, and manage Google services for the school.

Once you have your Google Workspace for Education account, you can order Google Management Licenses for Education here >