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Google Chrome Management Console, Education Perpetual
Google Chrome Management Console, Education Perpetual

White Glove Google enrollment services available.

Chrome Education Upgrade


This is a single device Google Chrome Management Console License for Education.

Who can purchase the Google Chrome Management Console License for Education?

School's that have a Google Workspace for Education account can purchase the Google Chrome Management Console License for Education.

Are the Google Chrome Management Console licenses transferable to another device?

No, the Google Chrome Management Console licenses are not transferable to another device. They are consumed when assigned to the device.

Do the Google Chrome Management Console licenses need to be renewed after a certain time period?

No, the Google Chrome Management Console licenses are perpetual and valid for the lifetime of the device.

Supercharge your Chrome device management

Enhance deployment, onboarding, security,
and IT support for your entire fleet of Chromebooks with Chrome Education Upgrade.

Unlock the capabilities of Chrome OS and give educators the freedom to deliver better learning outcomes.

IT administrators working in education face the same challenges as any other industry: finding the right path to digital transformation while juggling security, scalability and cost.

Chrome Education Upgrade leverages the full capabilities of Chromebooks and Chrome OS to counter rising teacher workloads, free up IT resources and give educators more time to focus on learning outcomes – without compromising security.
"I would say that we are saving more than 70% of our time on managing the devices. If we were going to do this with another device, we’d have to almost double our staff. We have all of these devices now, but we don’t hear people talking about managing them.”

IDC White Paper,
The Economic Value of Chromebooks for Educational Institutions
    A world-renowned education suite
#1 selling device in in U.S., Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands and New Zealand for K–12 schools
90 million students and teachers use G Suite for Education
40 million+ students worldwide use Chromebooks
40 million students and teachers use Google Classroom
The Next Frontier in Education

Put admins in the driver's seat with Chrome Education Upgrade

Managed Access

Take control of what resources users can access. Block end users from logging into Chromebooks, restrict access to certain sites and content, and enable identity-free usage for shared devices. 
Simplified Deployment

Provide IT with access to device policies and fleet oversight capabilities for both school-issued and student-owned devices, all from the cloud-based Google Admin console.
Advanced Security

Lost and stolen protections prevent data theft by remotely disabling devices, ephemeral mode wipes user data upon logout, and persistent enrollment ensures devices are always enrolled to your domain. 
24/7 IT Admin Support

All this, with the added benefit of Chromes OS troubleshooting assistance. Call Google at any time if an issue comes up at no additional cost.

Centralized control center

Deploy thousands of Chromebooks without touching a single one from the Google Admin console. It’s also where you can view reports on device usage or potential cyberthreats. Automatically re-enroll devices, push security updates, lock lost or stolen devices, and more.

Advanced user settings

Easily customize settings that apply whenever educators and students sign in to any school-owned device. Block inappropriate content and reduce distractions with safe browsing mode. Manage user access and easily set policies across Chrome and other apps and extensions.

Why Schools Choose Us

Computers for Schools

We've been saving K-12 money on their devices for 20+ years.

We care. We’re a small business whose employees care about our customers, products and each other. For over 20 years, our focus has been on delivering outstanding value and great service to the K-12 market. 

Refurbished computers for schools.

Get quality Apple, Chrome & PC devices from the K-12 experts.

We carry devices & accessories from all major brands. We offer a wide range of services such as device repair, White Glove enrollment, asset tagging, device trade-in, accidental coverage and more.

Used computers for schools.

Expect and receive

great service.

Our post sale support is amazing. Warranty service is all handled through us. You'll get fast, friendly and competent service. We’ll be here through the life of your devices.

All of our devices are backed by a comprehensive 1 year warranty.

We make the repair/exchange process fast and easy.

Warranty+ accidental coverage is available for 2 to 4 years.

Distinctions of Condition

Regardless of condition, all devices sold by Tech to School come with our 1 year warranty and are eligible for Warranty+ accidental coverage up to 4 years.

The majority of our Chromebooks and PCs are brand New units that are still factory sealed. We also offer Factory Refurbished devices direct from manufactures which appear brand new.

The majority of our Apple devices are considered First Stock. This is our highest cosmetic grade. There will be only minor signs of use with no major scratches or dents.

On some devices, we offer a Second Stock option at a discounted price. These devices are 100% functional, yet may have cosmetic issues such as bent corners, surface case scratches or engravings. We include a free shell case on these devices to present a clean look.