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Cambrionix PowerPad 15S
Cambrionix PowerPad 15SCambrionix PowerPad 15S


PowerPad 15S

Charge and Sync Industrial USB 2 15 port managed Hub optimised for desktop use with a space-saving design and whisper quiet performance. 


Charge 15 USB 2 devices at up to 2.1 Amps per port.  

Transfer data (sync) at the maximum 480Mbps.

Efficient USB charging with up to 2.1 amps (2.1A, 10W) of power at each port

Simultaneously charge 15 devices in the same time as charging just one. The period for charging will vary by device

Each of the 15 ports can transfer data at 480Mbps, making light work of transferring data

480Mbps host connection data transfer speed

15 x USB 2 ports for USB 2 devices

1 x USB 2 host ports to connect to a computer

Input/Output Connectors:
16 x USB Type-A

Input Voltage: 12Vdc
Input Current: 15A 
Input Connection: 4-pin DIN

Output Voltage: 5.2V
Output Current: 2.1A Max per Port
Output Power: 10W Max per Port
Output Power (Total): 163.8W Maximum

Power Supply:
Output Voltage:
Input Voltage: 100-250Vdc
Input Current:
2.5A @ 115 Vac
Input Frequency:
Input Connector:
Output Voltage:
Output Current:
Output Power:
Output Connector:
4-pin DIN

Ambient Operating Temperature Range: 0 ~ 35°C
Relative humidity:
5% to 95% non-condensing

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