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Dell Latitude 3140 11.6
Dell Latitude 3140 11.6Dell Latitude 3140 11.6Dell Latitude 3140 11.6Dell Latitude 3140 11.6Dell Latitude 3140 11.6Dell Latitude 3140 11.6Dell Latitude 3140 11.6Dell Latitude 3140 11.6
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Dell Latitude 3140 11.6" Notebook

The Dell Latitude 3140 11.6" Notebook is a budget-friendly laptop that caters to students seeking a portable device for everyday tasks.

Affordability: The Latitude 3140 is a budget-conscious option compared to many other laptops on the market, making it accessible for schools with tighter budgets.

Durability: The Latitude series is known for its durability, making the 3140 a reliable choice for everyday use, especially in educational or professional settings where occasional bumps and knocks are more likely.

Portability: With its compact 11.6-inch size and lightweight design, the Latitude 3140 is easy to carry around, making it suitable for students or professionals who need to work or learn on the go.

Versatility: The 2-in-1 convertible option offers the flexibility of a traditional laptop and a tablet, potentially catering to users who value the convenience of switching between different modes for various tasks.

Windows 11 Pro: This operating system offers various features for business and education users, including improved security, manageability, and productivity tools.

Overall, the Dell Latitude 3140 11.6" Notebook offers a blend of affordability, portability, durability, and essential features, making it a suitable option for users seeking a basic and reliable device for everyday tasks, particularly within budget constraints.

Technical Specifications:

Dell model #:



11.6" - HD - 1366 x 768


Intel N200 1.8GHz

Windows Version:

Windows 11 Pro


Power adapter

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