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iBenzer Hexpact 360 Case
iBenzer Hexpact 360 CaseiBenzer Hexpact 360 CaseiBenzer Hexpact 360 CaseiBenzer Hexpact 360 CaseiBenzer Hexpact 360 CaseiBenzer Hexpact 360 CaseiBenzer Hexpact 360 CaseiBenzer Hexpact 360 CaseiBenzer Hexpact 360 CaseiBenzer Hexpact 360 CaseiBenzer Hexpact 360 Case
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iBenzer Hexpact 360 Case

Front lock closure: A positive "click" of the case lets you know your device is securely protected in the event of an accidental drop. This function ensures that when the computer is in the schoolbag, pens and other small hard objects will not enter the middle of the computer screen

Tough Design – Dual-layer full-body rugged and built to withstand the heaviest of drops. Made out of TPU and polycarbonate.

Fully Vented – Cut out vents facilitate better heat disbursement. It also has rubberized corner stands that act to separate the bottom of your laptop from the surface it’s on. These few inches of separation further enhances airflow and heat distribution.

360 Degrees Protection – With its hard outer shell, soft impact resistant rubber bumpers, and bottom skid pads, the unique protective case design is meant to provide 360 degrees of protection for your Chromebook from everyday drops, knocks, and shock.

Built for:

HP Pro x360 Fortis 11'' G9/G10/G11
HP ProBook Fortis 14'' G10
Chromebook 11'' Acer 511 C736
Chromebook 11'' Lenovo 100e Gen4
Chromebook 11'' Lenovo 300e/300w Gen4
Chromebook 11'' Lenovo 500e Gen4
Dell Latitude 3120/3140 Clamshell and 2in1

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We care. We’re a small business whose employees care about our customers, products and each other. For over 20 years, our focus has been on delivering outstanding value and great service to the K-12 market. 

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Warranty+ accidental coverage is available for 2 to 4 years.

Distinctions of Condition

Regardless of condition, all devices sold by Tech to School come with our 1 year warranty and are eligible for Warranty+ accidental coverage up to 4 years.

The majority of our Chromebooks and PCs are brand New units that are still factory sealed. We also offer Factory Refurbished devices direct from manufactures which appear brand new.

The majority of our Apple devices are considered First Stock. This is our highest cosmetic grade. There will be only minor signs of use with no major scratches or dents.

On some devices, we offer a Second Stock option at a discounted price. These devices are 100% functional, yet may have cosmetic issues such as bent corners, surface case scratches or engravings. We include a free shell case on these devices to present a clean look.