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Logitech Rugged Combo 4 Rugged Keyboard/Cover iPad Case
Logitech Rugged Combo 4 Rugged Keyboard/Cover iPad CaseLogitech Rugged Combo 4 Rugged Keyboard/Cover iPad CaseLogitech Rugged Combo 4 Rugged Keyboard/Cover iPad Case
SKU: 920-011133
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Logitech Rugged Combo 4 Rugged Keyboard/Cover iPad Case

For iPad 10th Generation


Meet Rugged Combo 4, the versatile classroom companion for the new generation of iPad. Give students the power to engage with content holistically through four use modes: Type, Sketch, Read, & View. Best of all, Rugged Combo 4 is durable and schoolyard ready with military-grade drop protection, pluck-proof keys, and a full-size keyboard that's sealed against spills. Plus, it connects securely via Smart Connector so students never have to worry about charging or pairing.


With four use modes, an adjustable kickstand, and all-around protection, students can go from home to class with one handy tool that does it all. Rugged Combo 4 lets students type up notes, watch videos, sketch, read e-books, take photos, and more.


Students can type quickly and accurately with a physical keyboard, all while building skills, completing assignments, and taking tests. With many testing agencies recommending or even requiring an external keyboard, the Rugged Combo 4 is perfect for learning on iPad.


Essays, notes, and brainstorm sessions are easier than ever with Rugged Combo 4. Having a physical keyboard on hand lets students get their thoughts out quickly, mock up ideas, and take notes they can easily reference later. This comes in handy for individual studying, group work, and sharing ideas with the class.


Not just for reading and writing. Rugged Combo 4 lets students explore all the core subjects in different ways and take iPad with them anywhere, so learning is not confined to the classroom. Rugged Combo 4 enables students to use iPad to engage with STEM topics in a collaborative, accessible and relevant way.


Their future is now. Rugged Combo 4 lets students access the camera and explore education in augmented reality. Subjects like history, art, and science come alive, whether it's x-ray vision to organisms or a time portal to ancient history. AR merges the digital world with the real world, enhancing students' experiences and understanding of the content.

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